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I helped a client lower LDL ('bad' cholesterol) in weeks

This is a case study of a medical fitness client.

I had a client who is a CEO of a international company from the states who's had less than ideal cholesterol levels for many years and was not able to fix it. He found me after doing a lot searches for a personal trainer in Singapore who can manage some medical conditions. We met and discussed.

I told him it wouldn't be too difficult to manage it with some medical fitness exercises which I would design for him and to make some simple dietary changes. On top of that I wanted him to reduce the oxidation of LDL too.

In only 3 months, after he diligently followed the program, not only we achieved the goals set (but sadly we didn't any any report on the oxidation part) but also improved his fitness and health in other areas. because balanced fitness is important. Specially I helped him to:

  • normalize his cholesterol levels from 131 mg/dL (3.39mmol/L) to 81.47 mg/dL (2.11mmol/L) (see medical reports). This was our main goal. Secondary goals included:

  • get pain-free knees because he has no cartilage in one leg, causing bone rubbing against bone.

  • double his overall strength

  • boost his cardiovascular fitness

  • become much more flexible

  • increase muscle mass (about 5kg)

  • decrease fat mass by (about 7kg)

  • improve his overall quality of life and other intangible benefits

Medical personal fitness helped in managing cholesterol issues.

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