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Meet Science-Based
Medical Personal Trainer in Singapore,
Coach Paul Kuck, MSc:

I help clients age over 30 to 

resolve medical issues & pain, 

transform the mind & body, & 

unlock their peak performance potential.


Medical Personal Trainer Singapore, Coach Paul Kuck.

About Coach Paul Kuck

Remember that Ghost Busters' song with the line "Who ya gonna call?" I may not be Ghost Buster here, but certainly an established 'Disease Buster'

It is now a well-established fact that the combination of exercise and a balanced diet is a superior approach to prevent and manage lifestyle diseases (1,2,3). It will not result in adverse side effects such as bruising, increased bleeding, drowsiness, or digestive and heart issues. On the contrary, it offers multiple benefits such as prevention of secondary diseases, improved physical appearance, and mental acuity.

Imagine you've been diagnosed with an early-stage medical condition and told to eat healthy and exercise. But, where do you even start? Google? Friends? That young trainer at the gym? Beware, though, of the dangers that lurk behind unproven methods: injuries, dizziness, wasted time and money, and in some cases, even death (4,5,6,7). So, what if you just sit back and do nothing? Your body will soon become a rusty old car, losing value faster than you can say "help!"

Do you make these grave mistakes​?

You require a consummate professional who is committed and knowledgeable in the pursuit of a robust physique, to help you maintain and enhance its value.

Imagine a life devoid of pain, distress, or doubt. Picture yourself feeling healthier, leaner, and exuding a sense of confidence. How much is such a body worth? Think about the positive impact it has on others, your family, your company, your staff etc. Millions? Billions?

It's no coincidence that the most affluent and astute individuals like Mark Zuckerberg and Richard Branson prioritize health and fitness (8,9), a philosophy shared by many of my clients.


I have an unwavering commitment to fitness and nutrition. I began learning about these topics at the age of seven, while most of my peers were preoccupied with toys and games. My dedication led me to acquire significant knowledge and expertise, as showcased by my credentials below:


  • Master's Degree in Exercise & Nutrition Science (UK) (topped my class).

  • Certified-Gold status as a Medical Exercise Specialist and Weight Management Specialist by the American Council on Exercise.

  • Certified Fitness Instructor (was a course lecturer too) by Sports S'pore.

  • A few dozens others


Since establishing Fitness Tutor back in 1998, I have assisted a myriad of individuals in their pursuit of better health and fitness by relying solely on evidence-based solutions. I was an early advocate of high-intensity interval training (HIIT), long before it gained widespread popularity, and I continue to advocate for its proper usage and implementation.

Furthermore, I have authored numerous articles and have spoken on various topics relating to fitness and health. I held the position of chief editor for the publication of S'pore Fitness Instructors' Association, a widely read publication among over 2000 fitness industry professionals. Additionally, I have held several other leadership positions within the fitness industry.

My fervor for helping individuals with medical issues, particularly the middle-aged, seniors and elderly people, stems from personal experiences with family members who suffered from illnesses without receiving appropriate solutions.


Too often, people resort to extreme medical procedures or unsound alternative methods. As a result, I am dedicated to transforming people's health through scientifically proven methods, utilizing my 3-pronged approach.

  1. Science-Based Exercise Programs,

  2. Functional Nutrition Advise and

  3. Appropriate Lifestyle Modifications  


As a middle-aged individual myself, I have not fallen sick for over 30 years, including during the Covid pandemic, due to my adherence to my own personal training program.

My program, grounded in no-nonsense, science-based principles, is highly effective and has garnered the attention of prominent individuals from various industries.

I prioritize a program that aligns with my clients' well-being, rather than the latest trends in the gym industry aimed at ill-informed masses.


These accomplishments culminated in me receiving the honor of 'Personal Trainer of the Year' (SEA 2022).

May I expect your call soon?

Sunday Times Nov 2013
Medical Personal Trainer in Singapore Coach Paul Kuck appears in ZaoBao 2019
Medical Personal Trainer in Singapore Coach Paul Kuck appears in Sunday Times
Medical Personal Trainer in Singapore Coach Paul Kuck giving talk at PSA
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Do you have any of these 12 familiar age & lifestyle related conditions? 

Let's manage it:


BMI > 25, Fat % > 20 or Waist > 90cm

Bone/Muscle Diseases

Osteoporosis & Osteopenia, Muscular dystrophy

Pain Issues

Shoulder, knee, back or elbow pain


Prenatal & Postpartum


Blood Sugar > 100 mg/dl

Heart Diseases

CAD, stroke, arrhythmia, heart attack/failure etc.


BP > 130 / 80


OA and RA


All non-genetic Cancers eg breast, colon.

Cholesterol Issues

LDL > 100mg/dl or T Chol > 200mg/dl

Hormone Issues

Testosterone, Thyroid, Estrogen etc

Generally Unhealthy

Feeling/looking old, tired & out of shape. Never exercised


Medical Personal Training Pr
ogram's Key Benefits

Scientifically designed to address issues specific to middle-aged, seni
ors and elderly people

1 / Builds and Strengthens Muscle Tissues

Prevents muscle loss and decline in metabolic rate. Burns fat and shapes up the body.

2 / Builds Bone Density

Prevents bone related disease like Osteopenia and Osteoporosis.

3 / Improves cardiovascular fitness

Prevents major diseases like heart disease, diabetes, cancer etc.

4 / Improves Balance

Prevents falls and injuries, increases longevity and quality of life.

5 / Reduces Inflammation

Boosts recovery and cognitive functions, and reverses biological age.

6 / Boosts Performance

Reduces stress and depression, improves sleep and increases energy. 

Personal Training Services

A system that actually works, even if you hate exercise and dieting.

One on One

Experience undivided coaching attention from the best for the best 

(Rate: from $140 / sess)


Train in small group setting, with customised program for a fraction of the price.

(Rate: from $85 a sess)

Consulting / Speaking

Need help with educating your audience or yourself with real science-based knowledge instead of run-of-mill or outdated information?

(Rate: get quote)

Coaching Process


A time is arranged to discuss about your goal(s) and level of motivation.


I'll conduct fitness assessment, review your current diet, lifestyle and medical report. 


I will design an appropriate program covering all fitness components and diet plan based on your preference, goal(s) and fitness level. 


Once goal(s) is/are met, further changes to routine are made to advance to next target(s). 

Personal Trainer program design process in Singapore


Jeannie Chua, client of Personal Trainer in Singapore, Coach Paul Kuck

Ms Jeannie Chua

CEO, Raffles Holdings & Ascott Grp

Forbes Asia's "50 Women In the Mix"

Paul's professionalism and intelligence is top notch. Under his coaching, I have begun to see major improvements in health and physical functions. I feel I am getting younger and fitter in many ways

See the miraculous results.

From highly dependent to fully independent

I helped 83 year old Mdm Tan transformed from a bed ridden (for a few months due to a serious medical condition) senior citizen who could no longer walk to being able to do many day-to-day things on her own, including doing grocery shopping, own walks, climb stairs and even squatting for many reps (as shown) with a set of bad knees (as told by doc she could never squat ever again)!

As featured in


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