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Fitness Tutor is known to be the leading integrated personal training consultancy firm based in Singapore. Founded in 1998 by Medical Exercise Specialist, Coach Paul Kuck, Fitness Tutor has established itself as a highly trusted fitness advisor. All our personal trainer Singapore (新加坡私人建身教练)holds specialization in the field and provides you with top-notch fitness solutions that match all of your needs and requirements. The approach that our fitness trainer Singapore新加坡建身教练)takes towards the clients is guaranteed to deliver results. We ensure that our training stays up to date with scientific evidence. 

Over the years we have helped numerous people achieve their fitness goals with our science-based approach:

  • Our fitness instructor Singapore has transformed numerous lives for over two decades.

  • We provide people with the best and the most suitable ways of achieving optimum fitness.

  • We provide you with the best and the most affordable personal trainer Singapore.

  • We hold an amazing reputation for our scientific approach in medical industries.

  • We have gained a significant amount of media exposure for our result-driven approach.

  • We have been on the receiving end of numerous awards and accolades for our performance.

  • We pioneered HIIT training since the beginning, long before anyone.

The best solution for busy individuals

We are the best fitness solution provider for people with busy schedules who don’t have enough time to concentrate on exercising and diet, their busy and stressful schedule requires them to be in a good shape and to stay healthy in order to cope up with the exhausting environment. In order to help them in staying healthy and fit, our fitness speaker Singapore advises them ways they can follow in order to achieve long-term health goals.


All of our methods are based on scientific research and have proven to deliver effective results. We also hold sessions to have nutrition talk Singapore with the individual and plan out a feasible and effective diet plan for them. We provide them with the finest and most renowned male and female fitness trainer Singapore.

Driven by results

The approach that we take to help you in achieving optimum fitness are guaranteed to deliver with effective results. You just have to stay dedicated to the process. Our training is strictly based on scientific evidence and we keep updating it with the modifications that are made in the research.

In addition to all of that, we are also one of the most affordable personal fitness training consultancy firms and we provide you with affordable fitness classes Singapore while maintaining top-notch quality. Align with Fitness Tutor today for a healthier, fitter and better tomorrow.

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