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Medical Personal Training to help you avoid drugs & surgery 

Are you suffering from one of these symptoms: blood lipid issues (i.e. hypertension, triglycerides, cholesterol issues), high blood sugar (pre-diabetes), severe weight issue, or joint pain?


Are you recovering from a serious disease (i.e.  cancer, diabetes, stroke, heart issue)?

Maybe we can help.

Medical Personal Training Program | Fitness Tutor

If so, would you like to troubleshoot these symptoms and get well by embarking on healthy lifestyle modifications? 


Certain unhealthy lifestyle and behavioral factors such as obesity, physical inactivity, and smoking dramatically increase an individual’s risk of developing health issues like hypertension (high blood pressure), high cholesterol levels, high blood sugar, overweight, injuries, pain (lower back, shoulder, neck pain, knee) etc. As such, it is important to encourage healthful behavior in individuals to minimize the impact of these issues on health, which may lead to more serious conditions later. 

If you already have been diagnosed with a more serious chronic disease like cancer, heart diseases, diabetes or stroke, gone through all the medical treatments and are in already rehabilitative stage, we can help you get well sooner with our post physiotherapy services in Singapore. 


It is well established that proper exercise and nutrition lifestyle can act like 'medicines' to various medical ailments without all the side effects. But over 99% of fitness trainers and gyms are not equipped to help clients with said medical conditions.  Designing a fitness program for someone who has the above issues is very different from someone who is younger and has no symptoms. Exercising incorrectly for the former that may result in dire consequences.


Developed since 2005 in Singapore by Medical Exercise Specialist (American Council on Exercise), Coach Paul, this Medical Personal Fitness Program aims to help you get better from various ailments with minimum reliance on drugs or operations. It's primary goal is keep diseases and their related symptoms at bay.


At Fitness Tutor, Coach Paul (Medical Exercise Specialist) will develop a holistic individualized fitness program, grounded in medical and exercise science but completely practical, to help the individual who is probably diagnosed with one of the above symptoms, to bring down the reading(s) and put him/her in the pink of health.


Things that will be addressed in this Singapore physiotherapy and pain management program: 


  • Conducting a Comprehensive Assessment

  • Reducing all Health Symptoms

  • Correcting Posture, Pain, and Muscle Imbalances 

  • Holistic Exercise Programming

  • Cardio-respiratory Fitness

  • Core and Balance Exercises

  • Flexibility and Stretching 

  • 'No-Diet' Nutrition and Lifestyle Modifications