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Fitness Tutor is a Singapore-based integrated personal training consulting fitness consulting firm founded in 1998 by Medical Exercise Specialist, Coach Paul Kuck.

We provide a full range of specialized and general fitness solutions to meet the unique needs of our clients - the professionals who have limited time to exercise or look after their health.


We are  committed to providing a hype-free, non-nonsense approach that promises you effective and sustaining results.  We are recognized as the trusted provider for offering evidence-based training instead of trend or fad-based approach. It means that your training comes with constant updates: as new research comes out, we revise our training so they’re always based on the latest scientific evidence.


Our methods allow as to achieve the following:

  • successfully transformed many lives for more than 20 years;

  • significant high-profile ones engaging and referring us regularly;

  • respected in the medical and health industries;

  • long list of testimonials; and

  • hundreds of media exposure

  • award-winning company (by: MCYS)

Fitness Tutor is the busy professional's fitness solution. Here's why.


Our targeted clients are often the busy professionals working in various industries who always find it challenging to find time to exercise and eat healthily : doctors, lawyers, lecturers, teachers, top-level executives, agents etc.

They needed to be in greater shape than anybody else to cope with the demands of the world thrown mercilessly at them. If they are not in shape, it translates to poor performance and worst cases, being burnt-out and even death.

What is wealth when the health is no longer present? Helping these people to understand to place health at the top most priority is an absolute must be they want to stay at the top of the game.


Ironically, these are the same people with the least time and energy for health maintenance. Thus, we created holistic programs specifically to help these executives to 'do less achieve more'.


We believe in education is the best way to instill healthy lifestyle mindset and enables people to achieve long-term health goals. We do not think that mindless training people without letting them know what they are doing is the way.


We learned that exercise in itself, will not help our clients achieve the ideal result. Equal attention to other areas, which are all potential weak links, are the secrets to success. Not contented with the standard training process practiced everywhere, we decided to take our approach to the higher level.

Balanced fitness is critical!

Many people exercise just to develop just one aspect of fitness (e.g. weight training for strength, yoga for flexibility or running for cardio). This is regrettable because there are actually 10 components of fitness you must do if you want to be consider yourself as truly fit. Without do this, it is a matter you will run into problems associated with the weak link that is caused by underdevelopment.

This is one of our key features: to help you develop your focus goal (be it losing weight, building muscle or develop cardiovascular fitness) as well as develop the other components of fitness. 


Our Science-based approach

After many years of continued researching and experiments, grounded on the science of physiology, biochemistry, and psychology, we finally developed training systems that encompass these keys:


  • Diagnostic tools that address weak links (physical, emotional and mental health).

  • Combination of

    • Natural-Kinetic-Exercises - The most productive 'synergistic' exercises that your body is born to do and 

    • Special exercise sequence - To ensure the body is exposed to appropriate safe intensities throughout exercise sessions

    • HIIT. We pioneered the whole HIIT training concept even before the global high-intensity big proponents like Crossfit and Tabata were around. It was, in fact, Coach Paul's Thesis for his Master's Degree.

  • Eat-on-Demand - A balanced nutritional concept ensuring body takes in what's necessary, no more no less. No fad diet is recommended.

  • Behavioral modifications - to break bad habits and enforce positive ones through mental well-being strategies.

  • Fully-customized / personalized fitness program based on the profiles of the clients. This occurs after the assessments and continues in an on-going manner. Every day is different for the clients (due to work, diet, sleep, etc) so further micro-customization takes place to account for the daily fluctuations. Here's how we do it:


The public has always been misguided by out-dated information and falsehoods often dispensed by irresponsible half-baked 'experts' or even certain 'health authorities' causing many confusions. The public deserves the most updated knowledge of nutrition and health science rather than blindly follow inconsistent, contradictory, and ineffective advice.


Classic examples:


A) Cholesterol from food raises blood cholesterol. Typical recommendation: AVOID FOOD WITH CHOLESTEROL.


Fact: In most cases, cholesterol from food (e.g. egg yolks, prawns) have little impact on our blood cholesterol levels, unless you are very unhealthy in the first place. Blood cholesterol is produced by our bodies and is affected by many factors like high consumption of high trans-fat food (e.g. pastries) and saturated fat.


One should be concerned with the oxidation of LDL cholesterol (also falsely labeled as 'bad' cholesterol) which is the main cause of arteriosclerosis process (deposition of fatty material on their inner walls of arteries leading to clogging).


By avoiding certain 'higher cholesterol' food, one could be subjected to missing essential nutrients (including 'cholesterol' itself) for optimal health. [1, 2].


B) Doing squats are bad for knees and full squats are even worse. Typical recommendation: DON'T SQUAT or DO HALF SQUATS


Fact: Not doing squat is bad for knees but doing HALF Squats are worst. Full squats are best for knees, subject to squatter's anatomical structures and initial ability. [3]


Such systems have led to great successes in seeing dramatic and sustained transformations in our clients' health and confidence, setting us apart from the others. 


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