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4 Exercises that Burn Tons of Calories Without Gym

Need to expend calories in a rush? No access to a gym?

Gymless bodyweight high calorie burning exercises
High calorie burning exercises that need no gym

Look no further. Here are some of the best bodyweight exercises you can do without any equipment (except a skipping rope for skipping. You can also improvise one using rubber bands) that can burn a massive amount of calories within a few short mins. They also induced EPOC, meaning extra calories are being burned after the exercise have ended.

These are also the same exercises (just a small sample) our team of personal trainers in Singapore use in our customised (science-based) personal training programs for our clients. And if they look familiar it's because you may have already done some of them before at some point (i.e. during PE classes) and used to dread them for a good reason - they are tough to do!

Depending on factors like your bodyweight and how intense you are pushing yourself, the calories expended can range from 90kcal to 300kcal+ in just 10 mins!

Wall sprints runs

Wall Sprints - find a wall and put your hands on it at eye level and position yours legs such that you are at about 45 degrees position. Now start sprinting against the wall, by raising your knees to your chest) as fast as you could.

Do 30 sec, rest for 1 min and repeat for 5-6 rounds.


Burpees - From standing position, go down and place your hands on the floor. Thrust back both legs, into a pushup / plank position. Reverse the movement, by jumping into squat position before standing up.

Try this. Do 10 burpees, rest 1 min. Repeat for 5 to 10 rounds.

Rope Skipping / Jumping

Jumping Rope - Everybody knows how to skip. No? Simply grab a skipping rope and skip right away. That simple. The more rounds you can do in a min the more calories you will burn.

Aim for 5 x 1 min rounds.

Squat jump

Jump Squats - From a standing position, descend into a squat position and in one explosive action jump into the air and try to land softly.

Do rounds of continuous 10 jumps with 30 secs break in between. Aim for at least 100 such jumps.

Disclaimer: these humble looking exercises are some of toughest things you will ever do and if you don't curse at the end of the routine, you are not doing it right or you are superman / wonderwoman. Enjoy!

Need to organise a science-based talk for your organisation or need to hire a Singapore based personal trainer to help you get in shape? Contact us.


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