Personal Training Services Singapore

100% tailor-made personal training programs in Singapore to fit the busy professionals' goals.


If your search for that magic bullet to achieve your personal fitness goal has been futile, the answer might be here. As a responsible personal training firm in Singapore who is focused on goal-oriented training instead of blindly promoting cookie-cutter routines like doing tire-flipping, kettlebell swings, battling ropes, etc, we believe we are the answer you truly need.  Others promote 'state-of-art' facilities, while we stay focused on 'state-of-art' training.

Our approach is 100% science-based consisting of assessments, programs designed based on goals and capabilities, nutritional advise and pain-free training. Read more.


Whether you are looking for dramatic improvements to your body shape or to recover from a disabling disease, you may just find what you need. We have the answers to your pressing questions like:

"how to flatten my tummy?"

"how to reduce my blood pressure?"

"how to transform my body?"

"how to get back my health from an operation?"

"how to eliminate the flabbiness in my arms?"

"how to lose weight fast?"

"how to get rid of back pain?"

"how to achieve optimal fitness level?"

"how to build bigger arms and chest?"

"how to get in shape for my wedding"

"how to manage diabetes?" etc.

We have different personal training goal-focused programs in Singapore that address the questions above. 

Build Muscle

Add some lean tissues on your scrawny frame.


Recommended for: all skinny men & some ladies.

Weight loss

Lose fat weight not just weight, healthily.

Recommended for: people who have excess weight.

Be fitter

 Be healthy, look good & have loads of energy.

Recommended for:

those who need good overall fitness

Medical Fitness

Combat health issues with positive lifestyle changes.

Recommended for:

people with a health issue(s).

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