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Need a high-quality, passionate Fitness, Nutrition and Health Speaker in Singapore? 

Then call Singapore's renowned corporate health speaker Paul at 97513400 or send an email now.


Fitness, nutrition and health speaker, Paul Kuck (who had worked in corporate settings for many years) is a sought-after 

corporate speaker in Singapore, known for 'practicing what he preaches' and for consistently delivering science-based, insightful, inspiring and result-focused wellness and productivity talks.


Our health talks are always unique so you won't get the information that are:


  • 'run-of-the-mill' or fad-based (e.g. latest diet), or easily available (e.g. internet, magazines, books). 

  • outdated (Not another eat low-fat stuff. 'Fat' is a nutrient not an enemy, and so are carbohydrate and protein. Ditto for cholesterol (often demonised because of oudated science). Health science is constantly evolving so one needs be at the forefront of knowledge); or

  • dry with excessive theory stuff. We deliver highly interesting and practical content. Yes! Paul's health talks are fun and entertaining, not those typical health talks that bore you to tears! 


Check out some of our past talk events.


You will be empowered with cutting-edge information and even some well-kept secrets. They are guaranteed to be eye-openers. The participants, their companies and their testimonials are indications of our quality.


We do:


  • Seminars 

  • Public Talks 

  • Workshops 

  • Our clients include government bodies, schools, companies, event organizers etc. (clients' list).


Public / Corporate Health Talks (Singapore or overseas)


Paul is often invited to do regular talks for both public and companies on topics relatiing to health, nutrition and/or fitness. They can last from 30 mins to a multi-full-day event.


His involvement include the following prestigious events:

  • 'Orchestrating Winning Performance (OWP)' (organizer: IMD Business School),

  • 'AntiCancer' (organiser: Singapore Cancer Society),

  • 'Boosting Heart Health' (organizer: Singapore Heart Foundation),

  • 'Revoilution - the wellness expo' (organizer: Young Living), 

  • 'Victorious Living: empowering pregnancy' (organizer: Cordlife)

  • etc.


Topic varies:

  • General health talk

  • Nutrition talk

  • Fitness and exercise talk

  • Weight management talk

  • Wellness talk

  • Disease (eg blood lipds, diabetes, hypertension, obesity, cancer, heart) prevention talk



All workshops come with learning tools and plenty of hands on for maximum retention.


Sample topics:

  • Energy Management for Personal Excellence - Energy not time is key for maximising effectiveness

  • CancelCancer Lifestyle- Make changes to your lifestyle and live a cancer-free life.


You may wish to organise a talk for your own group. Talk to us.