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How This Client Lost 12kg of Weight (15 kg Fat) in 6 Weeks with Science!!

This has got to be my fastest weight loss result (but not the biggest weight loss, yet. The greatest body transformation I have done on a client was helping her lose 35kg in under 2 years) on a client ever in my entire 20 odd years operating as a science-based weight loss personal trainer. Many other clients have personally witnessed this incredible transformation with their own eyes recently.


Note that this result is an exception (he's young and focused) rather than the norm. While some may comment that such weight loss rate is too fast and thus may be unstainable (which will be our future challenge - to maintain the weight loss), which is not wrong, the focus of this article to highlight the fact that one can achieve dramatic weight loss if one is willing and follows proper professional advice instead of getting help from unprofessional sources which can cause more harm than good.

This client is camera shy so I have to censor the face.

While an average person may not be able to achieve the exact same result, the fundamental principles of weight loss should be followed and he or she should be able to accomplish at least 30% to 50% of it if they are willing to put in the similar effort and do as instructed. Many other clients have also already done so.

The weight loss process

We started this dramatic weight loss journey on 8 Sep 20 and on the 20th of Oct 20 (the dates can be verified by my other clients) he has already lost 12kg of weight on the scale! The amount of fat he lost is 15kg - 16kg considering he's also putting on 3-4kg of muscles (unlike many slimming programs that encourage unhealthy loss of muscle mass and water instead, which lowers the metabolic rate) in the process. That is an average of 2 kg+ of fat lost every week!

He did so WITHOUT:

  • following Keto/low-Carb, low-fat, very low-calorie or some latest 'magic' diet that requires one to count/weigh calories, grams of sugar/fat and other obsessive behaviours etc.

  • needing to deprive himself of occasional treats like ice-cream or favourite fried food.

  • engaging in crazy exercise routines of exercising for 2-3 hours every day

  • unhealthy water intake manipulation

  • taking any weight loss pills or supplements

  • doing any weight loss/slimming surgery

  • living a tightly controlled environment (like the 'biggest loser' or army camp setting) where food intake is closely regulated

Instead, he followed the simple science-based advises I gave him (which is exactly what I wrote previously):

  • to eat a healthy balanced diet (not very sexy I know, but it works very very well). That includes occasional treats like chocolates, pizzas, beverages etc. Nothing is off the table here. What is life if you need to abstain from your favourite foods? Doing so will also ensure you have all the necessary nutrients you need for all functions of the body.

  • trained on authentic HIIT and weight loss focused strength training routines conducted by yours truly. Over 90% of 'HIIT' routine out there are not HIIT at all! They are merely random exercises put together. Doing so is not only ineffective but dangerous as well.

  • be active in general

  • behavioural modifications

  • stay accountable for all actions

As he is still on this weight loss program, I will update this page about his next progress in due time.

If you want to lose weight fast with our body transformation program, just like him, talk to us.

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