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Are you tired of disappointing

quick-fix weight loss solutions and

need a lasting transformation?

Your search ends here.

5 Science-Backed 

Secrets of Permanent Weight Loss

Science confirms what I've taught over nearly 3 decades in my own practice: People who loses weight and maintain their loss all employ these 5 strategies (1,2,3,4)

Coach Paul Kuck, MSc

Transforming bodies and health for 26 years

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To achieve successful weight loss, lose fat from tummy and other problem areas, there are 5 crucial elements:


  1. Enjoyable Personalized Eating Plan: Since everyone's biology (hormones etc), preferences, and circumstances are different, a one-size-fits-all diet is not effective. A long-term eating strategy customized to each individual is necessary to achieve the desired results. There must be room for your favorite foods. Be it 'Keto', 'Intermittent Fasting', 'Vegan', or 'VLCD', it can be implemented and fine-tuned to match your lifestyle. 

  2. Fun Personalized Workout Routine: Like above, exercise routines should not be generalized either. A holistic exercise plan consisting of customized strength training routine that boosts metabolism, works on all fitness components that will eliminate weak links is crucial instead of just doing a generic exercise routine that focuses on calorie-burning like running, which could lead to muscle tissue loss and joint problems.

  3. Accountability: It's essential to have a support system (either social or professional) that keeps you accountable and motivated throughout the weight loss process and you are more likely to be more successful.

  4. Mental Flexibility. Many people who use “all-or-none” fashion via rigid rules always fail. Learning to accept that “perfect” adherence to behavioral goals is unrealistic and building cognitive flexibility to ease up when one’s plans do not go according to plan is a key to success.

  5. Synergy: Trying to use only one strategy only may offer quick result but it won't be great. Combining the above strategies in a smart way and optimising it over time can compound results drastically and sustainably, it's like 1 + 1 = 5. It's about cultivating a healthier, more balanced relationship with food, body, and mind.

As a medical personal trainer who only uses science-based approaches, I can develop a plan that combines the above that works for each individual. This program is not a temporary solution, but a profound exploration of self-improvement that empowers individuals to take control of their health and well-being.​

Guilt-Free. Pain-Free. Relapse-free.


If you are ready for an original eye-opening Body-Transformation-Program that has already transformed thousands? It will:


  • provide a practical roadmap to a leaner, healthier, and happier you;

  • help you lose 3 to over 12kg of weight and keep it off;

  • take the guesswork out. Just follow 'ABC'.


Then, book a free consultation with me to discuss further.

PSA Talk


Paul has a multi-decade history of identifying, and solved, almost every type of fitness and health question, challenge and opportunity.

His career highlights include:
  • Founder of Fitness Tutor since 1998;

  • Master's Degree in Exercise and Nutrition Science (University of Liverpool, topping the cohort);

  • Certified Medical Exercise Specialist (American Council on Exercise)

  • Certified Weight Management Specialist (American Council on Exercise)

  • Course Lecturer for professional fitness courses by Sports S'pore, Fitness Organizations and numerous universities;

  • Author of over 300 articles;

  • Speaker / Consultant for mega companies like Chevron, PSA, SIM, Prudential, S'pore Tourism, Tourism Australia, Bank of S'pore, IMD, Microsoft, AIA, American Express, Apple, DBS, Estee Lauder, S'pore Heart Foundation, S'pore Police Force, Alexandra Hospital, Global Foundries, GSK, NUSS, and schools;

  • Has been featured in Straits Times, The Business Times, MensHealth, LianHe WanBao, Shape, LianHe ZaoBao, Club Industry, AsiaFit, HealthToday, HealthDigest;

  • He has personally coached more than 2000 personal clients including many business leaders, professors, doctors and lawyers;

  • Creator of many fitness programs: 'Body-Transformation-Programs', YouthAgain', 'Be a Walking Gym' etc.;

  • Pioneered HIIT training

"Paul is the Authority, Genius & Legend of Fitness."


Sean Toh

Biz coach & best-selling author of

'4 Steps to financial freedom'

sean toh coach
Coach Paul Kuck in Sunday Times
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Years of Coaching Experience


Average Client's Weight Loss


Coaching Hours


Published Works


Students & Clients

Personal Training Services

A system that actually works, even if you hate exercise and dieting.

One on One

Experience undivided coaching attention from the best for the best 

(Rate: from $145 / sess)


Train in small group setting, with customised program for a fraction of the price.

(Rate: from $85 a sess)

Consulting / Speaking

Need help with educating your audience or yourself with real science-based knowledge instead of run-of-mill or outdated information?

(Rate: get quote)

Coaching Process


A time is arranged to discuss about your goal(s) and level of motivation.


I'll conduct fitness assessment, review your current diet, lifestyle and medical report. 


I will design an appropriate program covering all fitness components and diet plan based on your preference, goal(s) and fitness level. 


Once goal(s) is/are met, further changes to routine are made to advance to next target(s). 

Personal Training Science-Based Process



Mr Chow Wai Thong

MD & Executive Producer, August Pictures

After I started training with Paul, I lost 10kg and improved my fitness within a short period of 4 months. My nerves/neck pain was reduced greatly, after strengthening my muscles.


Weight loss before vs after

As featured in


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