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Personal Training to help you lose weight (fat tissue)

We know you are busy but you know it is not a valid reason not to be in shape. The benefits of being lean and fit will far surpass the effort involved. From looking good, staying immune to disease, to high energy level; it is a physical-renewal process. Despite all these wonderful rewards waiting, simply taking the step is often challenging enough for many. Fret not, we are here to help. Sign up for our flag ship science-based personal training weight loss program Singapore with one of our weight loss trainers .We will design a customised weight/fat-loss program to help you lose weight effectively and safely. No crash diets. No nonsense approach. Just pure healthy lifetyle changes. Need proof?


We have been helping many busy professionals transform their bodies since 1998.


Bodycomposition changes: lose fat, build lean tissues.


Specifically, we help clients to lose as much body fat (not just weight per se, which often consists of largely water weight and some lean tissues. Note the difference) as possible and replacing them with lean muscle tissues (so as to prevent the weight from creeping back and giving the body the shapely contour) while bringing up the fitness to unprecedented levels. 


We are the authentic fat-loss experts who have done a lot of research into what works best for people with difficulties losing weight and keeping it off. It boils down to basic physiology of science. You need to expend as much calories as possible via 3 ways:


  1. output (through exercise and physical activities)

  2. increase thermic effect of food (yes eating burns energy too)

  3. increase resting metabolic rate (it's like having bigger engine capacity)


Read our blog for 'The real secrets of weight loss'.


I had lost over 8kg in 4 months to get me in the best shape for my wedding.


What exactly is Body-Transformation-Program™ (BTP)?


For nearly two decades, we have helped countless busy individuals, who were once overweight/fat get into good/great shape in a hurry with our Body-Transformation-Program™ (BTP), even though many had never done any exercise nor eat nutritiously, or failed many times previously.


It is our very first innovation and our flagship personal training program to help people to lose weight fast in Singapore. Developed by renowned weight loss personal trainer in Singapore and internationally, Coach Paul, who was a consultant/adviser for GNC's Body-for-Life challenge, it is not a typical slimming or weight management program where the focus is entirely on weight loss. Our focus goes far beyond that. It is an honest, highly effective total body make-over personal fitness program that uses the concept of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) exercise routine, strongly grounded in scientific principles, which is aimed to transform you inside-out (besides physical improvements you will become more focused in other aspects of life). It also follows a synergistic behavioral modifications and nutritional formula.


The end product is a confident, good-looking and highly-energetic you that is ready for anything.

What result can you expect? No unrealistic promises though.


Many weight loss programs often give wild claims about the weight loss results. Even if they were real, the sustainability of the loss remains a big question.


Based on our experience, one can realistically lose up to 8kg of pure body fat in 12 weeks although on the scale may show around 3-5kg loss since you are also building around 3-4kg of lean tissues at the same time which offsets some of the weight.


Now, with such changes, you will look far shapelier and leaner than someone who has lost just 8kg of weight, which usually consists of mostly water, some muscles and some fat. Besides, that, you will increase your metabolic rate (because of lean tissues built), which allows you to keep the weight off, something which is not happening if you just lost 'weight'.


Secondary goals beyond weight loss


Besides aesthetic goal as the main focus, our BTP, like all other programs, also help you to develop other aspects of health and fitness (e.g. flexibility, cardiovascular, strength) giving you that complete look.

Contact us to kick start your personal fitness weight loss program now.