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Differences between fat loss and weight loss.

They sound the same don't they? Many people are still confused between the two, but the differences are stark.

Here we provide a breakdown in differences between the two.

Weight Loss

  • The lost is coming from muscle, fat and water

  • Focused on drastic reduction of calories or certain macronutrient (eg carb or fat)

  • Big reduction in numbers on the scale, giving people a false sense of success.

  • Early aging

  • Focused on cardio as primary exercise or no exercise

  • Decreased performance, feeling tired and drained

  • Reduced metabolism

  • Decreased strength

  • Dehydration

  • Organs shrink

  • Doesn't develop toned looks, everything gets flatter.

  • Still appearing bigger than someone who has lost pure fat, but both having same weight.

  • Hard to maintain loss, causing a bounce-back in weight quickly, aka 'yo-yo' syndrome.

Fat Loss

  • The lost is coming from stored fat

  • Little or no change in number on the scale, when he/she is building muscle at the same time

  • Focused on making healthy change in way of eating

  • Focused on resistance training and some cardio for exercise

  • Delayed aging

  • Peak performance, feeling energized

  • Increased metabolism

  • Increased strength

  • Increased fitness

  • Much easier to maintain loss because of increased metabolic rate

  • Developed impressive toned looks

  • Looks slimmer than someone having same weight but higher fat percent. Here are 14 photos that show just how different women's bodies can look at the same weight. This is so because muscles are much denser than fat so the former takes up less space (below).

The bottom line is, you should focus on fat weight loss or bodycomposition (muscle-fat-ratio) changes, not weight loss only.

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