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Gym closed, but service continues.

Like all gyms in Singapore, we are closed for one month (fingers crossed). It is heartening to see many of you are so enthusiastic in wanting to exercise at home during this CB (this abbreviation sounds so wrong if you know what I mean) period. As a goodwill gesture, we are providing free fitness/nutrition advice for anyone who needs it. Tell me your needs and I try to answer them, as best as I could, at no charge.

Some of you who had attended my 'be a walking gym' workshop in the past know that I have countless home gym exercises/routines up my sleeve.

But if you need a comprehensive fitness program (with specific goals like addressing knee/ back/shoulder pain, training for sport, fat loss, HIIT, medical issues etc). We can design a program and/conducting a live remote training, via Zoom meeting (what else?). For this, we are providing it at a one-time discounted rate during this period.

Email me at or SMS/Whatsapp: 97513400 for details.

P/s: Please do not randomly follow exercise programs found on the internet, many are poorly designed routines by some fitness enthusiasts, who have great looking bods. These uploaders are not professionals. Trust me, most of them do not do the routines they put on youtube. Such routines can potentially cause injuries, especially if you have some pre-existing conditions.

Take care, everyone.

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