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Many people are unsure of their actual fitness or would like to think that they are fit simple because people commented they look 'fit'. Exactly, what is fitness? Let renowned science-based Singapore Personal Trainer explain.


Someone who can run a full marathon has a superior aerobic fitness than someone who can bench press 100kg (strength). Similarly, someone who can do split exhibit flexibility .compared to someone who cannot.  All these demonstrated different components of fitness. No one is considered totally fit if he or she neglects the other components. That's where balanced training comes in.

Is your fitness training balanced & functional?

Fitness training balances 10 components of fitness. To truly be fit, feel great and avoid issues, you must address all the components.

Unfortunately, most fitness programs address one or 2 components. For example,


  • pilates focuses on the strength of the core muscular endurance and flexibility,

  • running focuses on aerobic fitness,

  • yoga focuses on flexibility and balance, and

  • weight training focuses on strength and bodycomposition.

At Fitness Tutor, our science-based Singapore personal trainers are focused to help all our clients achieve balanced fitness. Our programs are meant to meet people wherever they are and progress them toward their goals using a wide range of appropriately timed assessments, and a comprehensive approach to functional movement and resistance training, as well as, cardiorespiratory training.

Benefit 1: improve overall health and fitness

This program is ideal for anyone who does not have a specific goal in mind or wants to achieve a good level of overall fitness (scoring 'good' for all the 10 components. It aims to boost your energy level, enhance your daily performance and improve the overall quality of life 

Benefit 2: look and feel younger

Exercise and nutrition are known to help individuals achieve the age reversing effect by reducing inflammation and regenerating cells. The keys are doing the right type of exercise and right doses; and eating the following the right type of diet. This is what this program is all about. All our clients have told us ever since they started training with us, people have told them how much younger they looked.


With our science-based coaching, we can make anyone from 'zero to hero'.

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