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Personal Training to help you get fitter

Tired of feeling tired? Poor posture? Experiencing tightness and aches

Trying to wake up your unused muscles and lose a little fat here and there?


You've come to the right place. 

Many people are unsure of their actual fitness or would like to think that they are fit simple because people commented they look 'fit'. Exactly, what is fitness?


 Someone who can run a full marathon has a superior aerobic fitness than someone who can bench press 100kg (strength). Similarly, someone who can do a split and be able to touch their knnes with the nose exhibit yet another component of fitness (flexibility) compared to someone who cannot. someone who is lean (bodycomposition). All these demonstrated different components of fitness. No one is considered totally fit if he or she neglects the other components.


This is called 'Balanced Fitness'. Fitness training balances five components of good health. A well-design personal fitness routine should include aerobic fitness, strength training, low fat-to-muscle ratio (bodycomposition), balance training, and flexibility. To truly be fit, you need to address all the components.

At Fitness Tutor, our personal fitness coaches are focused to help all our clients achieve a balanced fitness. Our programs are meant to meet people wherever they are and progress them toward their goals using a wide range of appropriately timed assessments, and a comprehensive approach to functional movement and resistance training, as well as, cardiorespiratory training.

Talk to us if you are keen to be truly FIT.