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Personal Training to help you build some muscle

"Are you getting sand kicked in your face?"



If you were a comic fan you should be familiar with this vintage advertisement


Here's the story:


It talks about how a young man, the protagonist, "Mac," is bullied on the beach by a sand-kicking brute while his date watches. Humiliated, the young man goes home and, bought a muscle-building program called Atlas training. Later, the newly muscular Mac goes back to the beach and beats up the bully, becoming the "hero of the beach." His girl returns while other women marvel at how big his muscles are.


While you may not have experienced sand kicked in your face, and neither are we promoting the above Atlas course,  you may have no doubt at one time or another wished you had more muscles on your scrawny frame for whatever reasons, only known to yourself. Muscle building through a proper strength training regime provides tons of benefits and can really make a huge difference to a man's life, physically and emotionally. Millions and millions of men worldwide can attest to that.

Not all strength programs can give the outcome you desired. Some use split-body parts training routines (eg Mon: legs, Wed: arms, Fri: chest/back) so you have to attend their gyms on a more frequent basis. Some advocate a 'cross-training' routine, all well and good, but a huge portion of time is devoted to mastering the technical skill of difficult moves than trying to help you 'build muscles'. While the rest are just clueless what exactly is a strength/muscle-building routine.


Strength (or commonly known as weight) training is an exact science based on ongoing research. It can be used to achieve many different goals, be it hypertrophy, power, endurance etc. It is regrettable many many coaches/trainers do not have sufficient knowledge to implement them effectively nor safely when designing programs. They rely on old school methods, 'broscience', and/or whatever it is in vogue at that moment.

What we will teach you is completely grounded on the science of muscle-building. For optimal result, we will teach you what exercises to do, how many sets and reps, what weight to use, frequency etc. There is no time-wasting routine or 

promotion of drug use. Everything is done in healthiest way possible.


7 major ways what you can expect to benefit from our muscle building personal training program in Singapore:


  1. Realistically build strong, lean, athletic and functional muscles (3 to 4 kg of lean tissues not uncommon) that look good with or without clothes. The body that you are going to build will be one that's balanced, defined yet possessed that strong, masculine look (think Thor). This is due to the fact that our programs are designed based on compound, complex and functional exercises (using weights and body weight exercises), instead of the out-dated bodybuilding based isolation/machine movements.

  2. Save massive time. you will get results faster with 70% less time spent in the gym using powerful tools like 80/20 principle. We advocate at most twice a week training sessions.

  3. Big changes to your daily routine. Other programs may help put muscles on your frame, but they are not very useful when it comes to day-to-day living. Imagine this: you still can't open a new cap from a jar, but the skinny old pantry aunty next to you opens it with ease! Or this: you still lack the strength to carry your bride in your arms on the big day. Talk about embarrassment! With regular proper training, you will feel and witness many changes physically. Everything you do from now seems effortless and you will feel like a champion. Things that used to leave you huff and puff will become the past.

  4. Improvements beyond just strength and muscle building: boosts your immune system, strengthens connective tissues, boosts metabolic rate, manages blood glucose and lipid levels, increases fat-loss, as well as improving stamina, agility, flexibility, speed, balance, coordination, power and general health.

  5. Turbo charge your testosterone (more applicable to man). Testosterone is what makes a man a man. Most strength programs will decrease testosterone level, due to the volume and choice of exercises used, meaning they will make you become less macho. That's ironic isn't it? Now you know why you see many guys having big muscles but their masculinity is somewhat lacking. Our scientifically-designed, testosterone-boosting workouts will make you become and feel like a rugged Alpha Male. 

  6. Boost real confidence. Having developed truly strong, useful muscles through proper strength training, you will feel the confidence coming from within, not the shallow kind you get from having fake muscles.

  7. The program is designed and conducted by Coach Paul, who practices what he preaches. Here's why he is a cut above the rest:

  • As a former skinny guy himself who's built up an respectable body who has competed in bodybuilding at a national level (he was placed third). And the greatest thing, unlike many gym-goers (both competitive and recreational), is that he did/does not do drugs (e.g. steroids) to do develop his muscles.

  • 20+ years of coaching experience. who's helped countless clients achieve their fitness goals.

  • Still breaking PRs in many weightlifting exercises and can still run around 9min plus for 2.4km (he's in his late 40s).

  • Strong theoretical knowledge. He has a Master's Degree in Exercise and Nutrition Science, and he is a Certifed Medical Exercise Specialist, and lectures and mentors other fitness professionals. He's also featured in many magazines and publications.

  • Provides nutritional advice and advises on how to develop an Alpha Male mentally.

  • Is an easy-going person who allows great flexibility in scheduling, so you won't have to sweat about it.


We can go on bragging how good we are but nothing beats trying us out. Start with a free trial session (or you can choose to just talk to us face-to-face) and assess yourself how it feels. Time to end your frail-looking, skinny physique once and for all.

Be Alpha and start Roaring.

p/s: This program is also suitable for ladies who want to pack on some sexy muscles on their skinny frames, without appearing too bulky.