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Personal Trainer Singapore


"Singapore's most experienced (over 15 years), highly effective and top personal trainer, will help you lose weight fast and effectively, transform your health, increase energy level and self-esteem even if you work more than 12 hours a day"

(To start your own personal exercise program, SMS: 97513400 or Email:

Located at 1 Commonwealth Lane, #04-04 (next to Commonwealth MRT station), Fitness Tutor is an integrated personal fitness consulting firm providing a full range of specialised and general fitness solutions to meet the unique needs of our clients - mainly the serious and highly intelligent professionals who find themselves very limited time to exercise or look after their health. (Top rainmakers and high profile individuals looking for the ultimate customised program to overcome all health symptoms, lose weight and get fit, click here: Paulfect ItTM).

Founded by Coach Paul Kuck in 1999, Fitness Tutor and its good team of personal trainers are committed to providing a hype-free, non-nonsense approach that promises you fast and sustaining results.Our reputation as a highly credible fitness firm stems from our systematic and effective training approach, and following a set of professional ethics. Our growth over the years (from training clients at void decks, to opening the first center at River Valley, moved to Tiong Bahru before settling down permanently with a decent sized fitting at current location at Commonwealth) is a testament to our success.

(For a Free Consulting Session on how we can help in your fitness goals, email:

If your search for that magic bullet has been futile, the answer might be here. Whether you are looking for dramatic improvements to your body shape or to recover from a disabling disease, you may just find what you need.

We have the answers to your pressing questions like:

"how to flatten my tummy?"

"how to reduce my blood pressure?"

"how to make over my body?"

"how to get back my health from an operation?"

"how to eliminate the flabbiness in my arms?"

"how to get rid of back pain?"

"how to achieve super fitness level?"

"how to control my diabetes?" etc.

Corny and weak slogans like "healthy lifestyle" or "fit for life" are common, but they make no sense if you are not motivated by some immediate improvements.

Many unscrupulous companies see this as opportunity and attempt to lure you to try their 'quick, easy and pain-free' products or services. Many people fall victims to such quacks and apparently never got what was being promised.

So we cut through all these nonsense and say "stop wasting your time, effort, and money, and see some serious results - now!".

Our clients include government organizations, huge corporations, schools, small companies and reputable individuals. We have clients that are still with us since our inception. We are recognised in the fitness, medical, health, and sports industries as the one of the most credible fitness consultation firm by delivering consistent and results producing services.

Our advisory/training team consists of exercise physiologist, dietitian, physiotherapist, athletes, medical specialists and of course, fitness specialists.

All our programs are based on many years of combined experience and the latest research in the exercise, nutrition and, human performance and sports medicine field.

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Female Training: Lose Weight. Reduce Flabby Arms. Reduce Hip Size. Shape Up. Become Feminine Lady.

Male Training: Lose Weight. Increase Muscle Mass and Strength. Boost Testosterone. Become Alpha Male.

Senior Training: Hormones (Estrogen, Testosterone etc.) Balancing. Improve Overall Health, Strength And Balance.

Others: Supplements and Nutrition Consultation. Fix Pain: Back, Shoulder, Knee etc. Disease Management: Cancer, diabetes, obesity etc.

Studio Add:1 Commonwealth Lane. #04-04. S(149544).

Email: Tel: 6343 9881. SMS: 9751 3400.

Co. Reg. No.: 52893629L

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